Radial Longitudinal Deficiency

What is Radial Longitudinal Deficiency (dysplasia)?Radial longitudinal deficiency (RLD) is a lack of formation of the thumb side of the upper extremity. It can affect the hand only (usually the thumb) or, more commonly, the hand and forearm. It is a lack of bone, muscle, tendon, nerves, and blood vessels. The severity is different in […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Syndactyly

Dr. Goldfarb has the answers: 1.When should surgery be performed?There are no firm guidelines on the timing of surgery for syndactyly but some basic principles apply.•Thumb- index finger syndactyly or ring- small finger syndactyly should be corrected early. Many surgeons will consider surgery between 3 and 6 months for these syndactylies.•Index- long finger and long- […]