Central Deficiency

Central deficiency is also called cleft hand.  It typically includes a missing long finger (middle finger) and a narrow thumb- index web space.  Severity varies and some patients have loss of additional digits or a syndactyly of the ring and small fingers.  Like many congenital anomalies, central deficiency is considered from both a functional and […]

Recurrent Syndactyly

Recurrent Syndactyly This 8 year old male was surgically treated with syndactyly reconstruction utilizing skin grafts 6 years ago (in his hometown).  He did well although the skin between the fingers gradually crept distally towards the fingertips.  The skin growth limited the spread of the fingers. Creep of web space after syndactyly correction He and […]

Toe Polydactyly

Toe Polydactyly I am a congenital hand surgeon and, therefore, treat children with birth abnormalities of the upper extremity.  However, because abnormalities of the feet, including extra toes and toe syndactyly, are similar to hand anomalies, I also treat children with some birth differences of the feet.  Toe polydactyly (extra toes) is less common and […]