The Thumb in Arthrogryposis

Thumb posture is a common difficulty in children with arthrogryposis.   The thumb assumes a flexed (bent) posture at the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint and also may be adducted (tight towards the index finger).   As the thumb is positioned across the palm, grasping with the fingers is a challenge (which is especially troublesome given that finger motion […]

Central Deficiency, Severe

Central deficiency (cleft hand) may present in many different ways.  Sometimes, there is just long (or middle) finger absence and other times more than one digit may be missing.  The thumb- index web space is often affected, ranging from a mild narrowing to a complete syndactyly/ merging of the space. In this young patient, both […]

Amniotic Constriction Band

The cause of amniotic constriction band is uncertain.  Some believe it is a developmental issue (a “dysplasia” resulting from abnormal development of the structures) and others believe that it is a “deformity” that results from banding or pressure on previously  normal structures.  Either way, at the time of birth, a variety of differences can be […]