This list will be updated on a regular basis with books that send the right message to kids with congenital differences.  I welcome any feedback or suggestions. 1. Harry and Willy and Carrothead by Judith Casely.2. Oliver’s High Five by Beverly Swerdlow Brown3. Elmer by David McKee4. Why Me? by Julie Parker

Great Function in Ulnar Deficiency

Take a look at this amazing 5 year old with a marked, bilateral ulnar deficiency.  While he has good shoulder motion, he does not have an elbow joint on either side.  He has great wrist motion which helps make up for his lack of elbow motion.  He has 2 fingers on the right hand and […]

Diagnosis and Evaluation

So your child has a congenital anomaly of the upper extremity.  The first step in moving forward is assuring the correct diagnosis.  While this sounds obvious, it is not always easy.  Some conditions are over- diagnoses such as constriction band (amniotic band) syndrome and some are under-diagnosed, such as symbrachydactyly.  The correct diagnosis is important […]