Finger Lengthening

Lengthening a finger or thumb may be a good treatment option for a number of conditions including symbrachydactyly, constriction band syndrome, and ulnar deficiency.  Essentially any congenital or traumatic condition that leads to a shortened digit (or digits) may interfere with function.  If lengthening that digit will help pinch or large object grasp (i.e., soda […]

Arthrogryposis: General Thoughts

Arthrogryposis– What Works and What Is Still a Challenge I want to restate how happy our arthrogryposis/ amyoplasia (AMC)(I use both of these terms together but these are very different diagnoses and may have different treatments) patients and families have been with three procedures.  1)  External rotation osteotomy of the humerus.  If the arms are really […]

Radioulnar Synostosis

Radioulnar synostosis literally means a bony union between the two forearm bones.  Normally, the ulna bone acts as a straight “post” to anchor the wrist to the elbow.  The radius bone rotates around the ulna to allow the forearm to turn palm up and palm down.  This rotation is helpful for daily activities and allows […]