Too much about me

I have been asked on several occasions by patients (or prospective patients) to provide more information on the blog about my professional career.  Enclosed, please find a variety of links including local and regional publications and videos.  I have included links to several books and articles.

First, my basic bio from Washington University

1) Great Story on a Child born in Central America with 3 arms

2) Peer Reviewed Publications as of October 6, 2012

3) Links to Published Books
– Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy: Congenital, Pediatric and Adolescent Patients.  Saint Louis Protocols.

– A Pocketbook Manual of Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery: Primus Manus

– Tendon Transfer Surgery of the Upper Extremity: A Master Skills Publication

4) St Louis Medical News

5) Ladue News

6) St Louis Children’s Hospital Trauma Services Interview

7) St Louis Children’s Hospital Doctors Digest on Trauma

8) Best Doctors in America, 2007-2012

9) American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) Board of Directors (Council)

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