Amazing People

I will try to share links to interesting people and news stories as I become aware. Here is a new link.  I do disagree with the diagnosis (amniotic constriction band)- instead, based on what I can see, it looks like symbrachydactyly. Here is one such link to an amazing basketball player (near and dear […]


I hope the blog has been helpful for patients and families.  My goal is a weekly post and while I am not always successful at this target, I feel like I have been pretty good at regularly sharing my thoughts.  My efforts on this blog have made me realize how hard people work to regularly […]


I have previously posted on clinodactyly but recently performed several surgeries so I though adding a few more pictures and thoughts might be helpful.  There are two types of clinodactyly: isolated and associated with a syndrome.  Isolated clinodactyly is common in the general population but is very well tolerated and usually ignored.  In fact, many […]

Toe Transfers

There are 2 types of toe transfers for children born with hand deficiencies: vascularized complete toe transfer and non vascularized transfer of a toe phalanx (i.e., just the bone).  Vascularized toe transfers are considered for children with absent digits, typically in cases of symbrachydactyly (or transverse arrest) or amniotic constriction band.  One or two toes […]