Ulnar deficiency, considerations for surgery

I have previously written several times about ulnar deficiency.  I would like to provide some additional thoughts on function, limitations, and possible ways that a surgeon can help.  First, I want to state again that most kids with ulnar deficiency do not need surgery.  Function is typically good although there can be some notable limitations. […]

Extra Digits

Polydactyly, or extra digits, is likely the most common type of birth abnormality affecting the hands.  Extra digits come in many different varieties, from complex extra digits affecting the thumb to small nubbins affecting the pinky.  In many cases of extra digits affecting the pinky, a simple surgery or simple suture around the extra digit […]

Toe Syndactyly

Syndactyly, or abnormal joining of the digits, is most commonly considered to involve the hands.  This is most likely for two reasons: hands matter more than feet to appearance and hands with syndactyly are more affected functionally than are feet with syndactyly.  In most cases, syndactyly of the toes affects the 2nd and 3rd toes, […]