Pseudarthrosis of the Forearm

Pseudoarthrosis or, more commonly, pseudarthrosis literally translates to “false joint.”  The term Pseudarthrosis is used commonly in the situation of a fracture nonunion.  For example, if the shinbone, the tibia, does not heal after a fracture, a nonunion develops.  Eventually the nonunion will develop into a pseudarthrosis– related to motion between the bone ends.  There is fluid […]

Family Challenges

I just read a very interesting article in Money Magazine, May 2013 issue.   It is called “Paying for Finn” and is written by Jeff Howe.  The article details the challenges in caring for a special needs child.  A child such as Finn on the autism spectrum brings different challenges than most children with birth […]

Small thumbs

Small thumbs are a part of radial longitudinal deficiency– the official name is hypoplastic thumb meaning underdeveloped thumb.  Sometimes this is an isolated problem and sometimes it is associated with abnormalities of the forearm and wrist (radial longitudinal deficiency)- A small thumb can be on one hand or both but most of the time the […]