Toe Transfers

Symbrachydactyly may present in different forms although the thumb is typically well formed.  Reconstructive technique are varied and can include free toe transfers as I have previously written . I recently saw a symbrachydactyly patient back for followup 10 years after initial treatment.  We had, after a lengthy family discussion in 2003, treated the 9 month old patient […]


POSNA is the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America.  It is a wonderful organization of orthopaedic surgeons who care for children with orthopaedic birth, acquired, and traumatic injuries.  It was founded around 1970 and has grown over the last 40 years.  I recently became a member of POSNA and attended my first meeting in Toronto […]

Cleft Hand Long Term Follow- up

Cleft hand, central deficiency, is an uncommon birth anomaly of the hand.  I have previously posted a few times on this interesting difference including one about surgery another about cleft hand in general and a few others as well.  I thought a long- term follow- up sequence of pictures might be interesting to share. We […]

Radioulnar Synostosis, revisited

Radioulnar synostosis has been previously discussed in this blog In that post, I discussed that in most cases, surgery was not necessary because kids typically function very well. However, sometimes that is not the case.  Most kids with radioulnar synostosis are diagnosed around age 7.  Sometimes it is picked up earlier but around age […]

Congenital Clasped Thumb

Congenital clasped thumb describes a condition present at birth (but potentially not recognized until 3-4 months of age or even later) in which the thumb is flexed into the palm.  Congenital clasped thumb may affect one or both thumbs but more commonly affects both.  Most newborns keep the thumb positioned in the palm for the […]