The Future of Prosthetics??

A National Public Radio (NPR) story has brought attention to 3-D printing and the world of prosthetics. Prosthetic limbs are tricky for any age patient and especially for children.  First, prosthetics are expensive and the growing child needs new prosthetics on a regular basis due to growth.  Second, prosthetics can be a challenge to […]

Traumatic Madelungs Deformity

Madelungs is a deformity of the wrist related to abnormal growth.  It is typically an inherited condition but may appear without any family members being affected.  I just realized that I have not posted on this condition and will blog more on the topic soon.  Today I want to write about one variety of Madelungs– […]

Camptodactyly, Unusual Cause

Camptodactyly is a flexion deformity of the finger, typically the small finger, and is typically caused by an imbalance between the flexors and extensors of the PIP joint.  There have been a number of specific causes identified including abnormal muscle insertion, a tight flexor digitorum superficialis tendon, and weak extensor tendons.  Most patients with camptodactyly […]

Clinodactyly Minimally Invasive Treatment

Clinodactyly is defined as a deviation of a finger.  Most commonly, it involves the 5th finger curved towards the ring finger but can also involve the thumb or any other finger.  We have reviewed clinodactyly previously In an established clinodactyly in an older child, treatment is based on functional limitations.  Therapy has never been proven […]