Extra Thumb

Radial polydactyly is also called split thumbor thumb duplication.  Or, an extra thumb if we really want to keep it simple.  Extra thumbs all share some similarities but each is really unique.  How most patients with radial polydactyly are similar        Both thumbs are smaller than the “normal” thumb should be.       Many […]

Madelungs Deformity

Madelungs Deformity is a malformation of the distal radius which creates a deformity of the wrist.  It typically presents in adolescent females and often is bilateral.  Madelungs may be painful and may limit motion of the forearm and wrist.  There is a known genetic pathway for patients with a SHOX gene abnormality.   There genetics […]

Pollicization at 15 years

Pollicization, or the creation of a thumb from an index finger, is one of my favorite surgeries.  I like it so much because it allows me to accomplish my 2 primary goals for a child- making his or her hand function better and look better with a single operation.  I have written several blog entries […]

Symbrachydactyly of the Foot

Symbrachydactyly, or short webbed fingers, is a birth difference which almost always affects one arm.  I have blogged about this anomaly several times- this is a link to all relevant posts.  https://congenitalhand.wustl.edu/search/label/Symbrachydactyly One of the ways we differentiate symbrachydactyly from other anomalies is that it is almost always affects only one arm.  When more than […]