Recent Publications, April 2014

I have been asked to regularly add to my blog recent publications which are important for children with congenital hand anomalies.  Here are 3 publications from the last few months.  These 3 publications are all in in the Journal of Hand Surgery. Transverse Bone in Cleft Hand  This manuscript details our findings in comparing two […]

Symphalangism (stiff fingers)

Symphalangism is a rare birth anomaly of the fingers which literally means: joined bones.  Most commonly, it refers to an ankylosis (bony union) or fibrous tissue union of the finger bones preventing finger motion.  It can be nonhereditary or it can be hereditary.   Nonhereditary symphalangism occurs without known family history.  It can be associated […]

Severe Madelungs Deformity

I have posted several times on Madelungs Deformity but a recent follow- up visit with a happy patient led me to post again.  One previous post was on More typical Madelungs and one on Madelungs after trauma. Patients with an inherited Madelungs are much more common in my practice (compared to Madelungs following trauma) even though both are […]