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The opening of a new hospital or major facility is unusual in our modern healthcare system.  It requires a great deal of planning, coordination, and plans for growth.  That is why it is so incredibly uncommon and exciting that TWO new pediatric facilities are opening right now in St. Louis.  TWO, both in the first week of June, 2015!

Saint Louis Childrens Hospital is opening a large outpatient facility about 15 miles west of the main St Louis Childrens Hospital.  It is called the CSCC- Childrens Specialty Care Clinic.  It is beautifully done, outside and inside, is 3 stories high and is 140, 000 square feet in size.  It will be the home to specialty clinics (thus, the name) including orthopedics and hand surgery as well as 3 operating rooms.  There will also be some pediatrician offices housed in the building.  We are excited because it will make the St Louis Childrens Hospital team of doctors more accessible for more people.

View from highway of St Louis Childrens Specialty Care Clinic (CSCC).

A recent picture of mine of a the St Louis Childrens Specialty Care Clinic (CSCC) from the west side.

The new St Louis Shriners Hospital is opening Monday June 1st, 2015.  Originally, in 1924, the Shriners opened in St Louis on the Washington University Medical School campus.  40 years later, we moved to Frontenac and now we are moving back to the Medical School Campus.  The practice of medicine has changed a great deal and the needs of the new hospital are different.  The 90,000 square foot, 3 story hospital has far fewer inpatient beds, more space for research, and lots of great space for taking care of patients.

New St Louis Shriners Hospital

New St Louis Shriners Hospital

Entry of the new St Louis Shriners Hospital

While both facilities are beautiful, what really matters is that we now have even better space for our patients- St Louis Childrens Hospital, St Louis Specialty Care Clinic (CSCC) and St Louis Shriners Hospital.  I am lucky to have the chance to work in all 3 facilities and look forward starting this week!

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