Not the Typical Thumb and Wrist

Radial Longitudinal Deficiency (RLD) has a wide range of presentations from a small, unstable thumb to major bone and soft tissue problems of the entire upper extremity.  And yet, despite this wide range, most kids have a somewhat predictable appearance within a couple of different categories.  I have shared my thoughts on these variations HERE, numerous […]

Prosthetics: 3D Printed vs Task Designed

The Shriners Hospitals have long been known for Prosthetics.  Each hospital in the system has expertise for both upper and lower extremity prosthetics.  As I have mentioned in previous blog POSTS, there is a great deal of new, exciting progress in the field.  We continue to work here at the Shriners Hospital in St Louis and St […]

More on Amniotic Constriction Band

I have posted several time previously on Amniotic Constriction Band as can be found HERE.  There is also reasonable information on the web as can be found at Wikipedia and NORD and HERE. However, I do believe that it is helpful to share case examples. Here is a 6 month old with Amniotic Constriction Band that was urgently treated for a […]

Cleft Hand Reconstruction

I have posted a number of times on cleft hand, or central deficiency as can be found HERE.  To me, cleft hand is one of the most interesting diagnoses as kids with it may look and function very differently from each other despite have the same diagnosis.  Some of my other posts highlight these differences between […]

A New Year filled with Hope

Happy New Year! My hope for 2016 is much progress towards our understanding of birth differences of the upper extremity.  My primary resolution is to continue our research in St Louis at Washington University, St. Louis Childrens Hospital, and the Shriners Hospital for Children.  We have a number of exciting projects underway including: The CoULD […]