Surgery for Olliers Disease

Multiple enchondromatosis is also known as Olliers Disease.  In this disease, at least 2 cartilage tumors known as enchondromas grow in different bones.  Initially, we tend to watch the growths, but sometimes surgery is necessary.  I have previously blogged about Olliers as part of a post on MACRODACTYLY.  There are number of sites that provide good, […]

Camptodactyly- bent finger- treatment with splinting

Camptodactyly is the Greek word for bent finger- specifically flexed so that straightening the finger at the middle joint is not possible.  I have blogged about camptodactyly several times before- read those posts HERE and HERE.  Therapy is the first line treatment for camptodactyly.  And it usually works.  But therapy has its limits and if the finger is […]

Separating joined fingers: A Case Demonstration of a New Strategy

Surgery to separate joined fingers has been largely unchanged for 40 years.  This post is meant to share case pictures and details on this new strategy. Syndactyly, or the abnormal joining of the fingers, is one of the most common birth anomalies of the hands and feet.  In our recent assessment of birth anomalies in NY […]