Toe Polysyndactyly

The treatment of extra toes and toe syndactyly often involves the hand surgeon given the overlap in treatment strategies between hand and foot. As I have previously blogged, I typically avoid reconstructing toe syndactyly unless it involves the first web space (ie, the great toe). While there are exceptions to this approach, the risks of […]

Extra Digits: functional and social considerations

Today, children born with extra fingers or toes (polydactyly) are typically treated with excision and reconstruction of the hand or foot.  There are multiple reasons for the surgical approach. First, the extra digit does not provide a functional advantage. The digits are rarely fully formed or fully functional.  Second, the extra digits can cause problems with […]

Great Toe Polydactyly (extra toes)

It might seem odd that I am writing about extra toes.  Typically, hand surgeons don’t take care of the foot but, in many situations, the hand surgeon is the perfect person to help take care of certain foot problems including extra toes, toe syndactyly (toes joined together), and even things like cleft foot. The reason […]

Toe Polydactyly

Toe Polydactyly I am a congenital hand surgeon and, therefore, treat children with birth abnormalities of the upper extremity.  However, because abnormalities of the feet, including extra toes and toe syndactyly, are similar to hand anomalies, I also treat children with some birth differences of the feet.  Toe polydactyly (extra toes) is less common and […]