Ulnar Deficiency

Great Function in Ulnar Deficiency

Take a look at this amazing 5 year old with a marked, bilateral ulnar deficiency.  While he has good shoulder motion, he does not have an elbow joint on either side.  He has great wrist motion which helps make up for his lack of elbow motion.  He has 2 fingers on the right hand and 2 fingers and part of a thumb on the left.  The family has not been interested in surgery to this point as he functions so well and has so few limitations.  I do believe there are surgeries that could improve his function (especially making a longer thumb on the left hand) now and there may be more options in the future.  One concern is that as his arms grow longer, it may become more difficult to get his hands to his mouth.

Ulnar deficiency affecting both extremities

Ulnar deficiency.  Patient can easily get his right hand to his mouth
using wrist motion
Ulnar deficiency.  He uses the right hand to help the left get to his mouth.
Ulnar deficiency.  Overhead.

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