Arthrogryposis Arm Rotation

I want to share several other photographs to relate how happy our amyoplasia patients/ families have been with an external rotation osteotomy of the humerus (obviously in situations in which the arms are markedly internally rotated).  In this procedure, we cut the arm bone and rotate it out of the internally rotated position and put it in a more externally rotated position.  
This operation allows easier use of the hands together.  Compare the photographs of the children below.  In the first two pictures (before surgery), the arm rotation position makes it difficult to use the hands.  In the final picture (another child), one arm has been corrected and the other has not.

Internally rotated arms in arthrogryposis.  This is called reverse, pronated grasp.

Video game playing in child with arthrogryposis and internally rotated arm position.

After external rotation osteotomy on the child’s right side and before surgery on the left.  The wrist has  also been corrected on the right (osteotomy) and the elbow released.


  1. Thanks for question. These pictures (and almost all unless specifically noted) are from Saint Louis, either the Shriners Hospital (in this case) or Saint Louis Childrens Hospital.

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