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The last 6 weeks have been a little hectic and I have not been as timely as I would like with my posts. My goal is 1- post/ week and while that may not seem too difficult, it can be a challenge.  I will add a few new posts in the next week or so and will work as hard as possible in the new year to stay on track.

This brief post is to let the regular readers out there know that I am going to try to be better about linking my posts to social media venues including Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.  While I realize that some of you follow me on Blogger and some just check in from time to time, Twitter, Google +, and Facebook will offer another way to keep track of posts.

You can find me by name at Google +  and on Twitter- @congenitalhand

You can also find my updates on Facebook- Birth Abnormalities of the Hand and Arm.

Also, the best email address for questions (if you wish to avoid a general post) is

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Charles A. Goldfarb, MD

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