Robohand 2.0 (powered, 3D printed hand)

The Robohand has been getting an amazing amount of press in recent months.  I have previously blogged on the topic Previous Prosthetic post with basic information.  Since then, there has been a  Kansas City Star article on the topic.  As I previously mentioned, I had the opportunity to work with senior engineering students at Washington University, Biomedical Engineering […]

Thumb Deformity in Untreated Thumb Hypoplasia

Thumb hypoplasia is a part of the spectrum of radial longitundial deficiency (RLD).  Classically, there are three parts to the small thumb: looseness or laxity at the MCP joint, a tight first webspace, and poor muscles around the thumb.   I have previously written about the small thumb and these key points at Small thumb . Decisions […]

Ollier Disease, multiple enchondromas

Ollier Disease is a nonhereditary condition in which the patient develops multiple benign cartilage tumors, or enchondromas.  While isolated enchondromas are not terribly uncommon, Ollier Disease (or multiple tumors) is quite rare.  It has been estimated to occur in less than 1 in 100,000 births.  It is believed to be non- herditary and related to a spontaneous mutation. […]


A couple of news stories over the last week have highlighted children at the Shriners Hospital and St Louis Childrens Hospital.  The first child is a Shriners Hospital patient and a part of a great family. Mom and all three children have thumb anomalies, although each individual is a bit different.  We have been able […]