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St Louis Shriners Hospital Does Great Things for Kids

I am very fortunate to work at the St Louis Shriners Hospital.  The first Shriners Hospital opened in 1922 in Shreveport, Louisiana and more soon followed to care for children with polio.  The St Louis Shriners Hospital opened in 1924 on the main campus of Barnes Hospital and moved to the current location on Lindbergh in 1963.  Now, 90 years after opening the original facility, the hospital is about to move back to the Barnes Hospital campus with a beautiful new facility.  We care for children with orthopedic challenges of all varieties including those with birth anomalies, trauma, scoliosis, and many other conditions.

After 90 years in St Louis, the Hospital and its staff continue to do amazing things for kids.  Here is a great video highlighting one such special patient who I know well.

Hope for Jude Video

Another amazing program which our team hosts each year is Hand Camp.  I have previously blogged about hand camp Hand Camp 2013 and Hand Camp 2012 but this camp has been an anticipated part of our year since 2008.  Each year dedicated therapists, nurses, and staff meet at Camp Lakewood in Pitosi Missouri for a weekend of fun, education, and enlightenment.  The junior counselors at Hand Camp share their experiences and guide the kids (and families) all weekend.  It is definitely one of my favorite times of the year; I am able to interact with families outside the hospital and watch them learn and share with other kids and families struggling with similar issues.

Amazingly educational, grounding, and fun.  Here are a couple of pictures from Hand Camp 2014!

The amazing junior counselors at Hand Camp 2014.  
Kids and Counselors at Hand Camp 2014

Two campers just before Hand Camp 2014
Hand Camp 2014.  

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