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I am fortunate.  Each day I am inspired by the kids (and families) that I am able to treat. These children are born with differences and, therefore, they do not know any other way.  But they must learn to exist in the everyday world with functional and social challenges.  And succeed they do.  Each child has different tricks and tips, coping mechanisms and strategies- techniques built up over time and with family support.   That is why, each day, I am inspired.  And if I have the opportunity to make things a little easier for a child (with surgery or therapy or…), I am happy to help.  And, as suggested below, share some of the “light.”

Edith Wharton said ” There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

What follows are a few spectacular examples of kids with birth differences succeeding in ways that amaze.

This first video is Adrian Anantawan, a violinist that I was lucky enough to see in person.

And another video of Adrian Anantawan from CNN.

Here is a one- handed, high level college basketball player.  Check it OUT.

Here is a wonderful example of basketball skills despite radial deficiency (thanks to Scott Kozin).

Lastly, here is an amazing example of the power of a positive outlook.  Brian Ndungu.

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