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Hand Camp 2016

Once a year, Hand Camp is held in Pitosi, Missouri at Camp Lakewood.  This is a wonderful opportunity for 15 kids with hand and arm differences to come to camp with their entire family (parents, siblings).  The kids get a chance to meet and socialize with kids with similar brith differences but also work with junior counselors who are similarly affected.  This years’ junior counselors were all once campers themselves- how exciting!  So the kids have a great chance to socialize and also engage in great activities.  The parents have the chance to meet other parents and learn from each other.  And lastly, there is the camp staff.  The staff is a mixture of nurses, recreational therapists, physical therapists, and hand therapists all spending time away from home and ‘working’ the camp.  But, the camp is a great experience for them as well- a chance to interact with kids and families away from the hospital and be reminded of how amazing these kids (and their families) can be!

A few pictures of the Hand Camp 2016 Attendees.

Camp Lakewood in Pitosi Missouri

The lake

Hand tracings of some of the kids.

The whole crew including campers, families, junior counselors, and staff at Hand Camp 2016.

Hand Camp 2016 campers and junior counselors.

The Hand Camp 2016 Staff.  All are so generous with time and spirit.

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