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I would like to share a few media links which I have enjoyed.  The first is from the New York Times- LINK– on the 3D printed prosthetic.  Interesting read and highlights some of the information we have also shared: My Blog’s 3D printed information.

Additionally, the St Louis Post Dispatch recently shared a great story about one of our patients with a myoelectric 3D printed prosthetic.  We are still working out some minor kinks (related to myoelectric firing of the prosthesis) but she is doing great.  Check it out HERE.

Finally, the Shriners Hospital in St. Louis just opened a new lab, creating an amazing collaboration between the Shriners Hospitals, Washington University School of Medicine, and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.  We are fortunate to have Farshid Guilak at the Shriners to direct the lab and the research program.  The new lab is profiled HERE.  Farsh joins Michael Whyte who’s fantastic bone research in kids has led to some groundbreaking discoveries on rare diseases and the entire Orthopaedic team.  We believe this multifaceted approach will change orthopaedic research and, through translation discoveries, change orthopaedic care for kids (and adults) over the years to come.

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