Activity Specific Prosthetics

This is a brief post on activity- specific prosthetics.  There has been much controversy on the timing and appropriate use of prosthetics in kids.  I have previously blogged about this several times as can be seen HERE.  I really appreciate activity specific prosthetics.  The child is engaged in the process based on a demonstrated interest and the specially designed and fitted prosthetic makes a difference.  This idea, compared to the ‘old- fashioned’ idea that every kid is fitted with a general prosthetic at 6 months of age, just makes so much more sense!

This is a great example of a really helpful tennis specific prosthetic.  It allows an ability to more easily play tennis including serving.

Activity specific prosthetic.  This one is designed for tennis to allow serving.  

Here are a few other activity specific prosthetics.  I took these pictures in the lab and the prosthetic is not typical (harness included) but demonstrate the point- easily changeable prosthetics that have a specific function.  These are durable, functional, and appreciated by kids and families.

Voluntary closing prosthetic.  

Activity specific prosthetic.  Associated with harness (not typical).  This one can be used for weight lifting, etc.

Activity specific prosthetic.  This one is designed for riding a bicycle.  

Activity specific prosthetic.  This one is designed for… yes- lacrosse. 

Activity specific prosthetic.  This one is designed for volleyball. 

Activity specific prosthetic.  This one is designed for volleyball (other view)
I will close by saying- search the internet.  There is a great deal of information and pictures out there on what is possible.  Many companies will work with you for sports and activities.

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