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Hand Camp 2022

I am so excited that we were able to host Hand Camp in 2022. This camp is supported by the St Louis Shriners Hospital and organized by the amazing hand therapy team. We had our first hand camp back in 2008 with only minor interruptions since (COVID). This year we hosted 19 families (including affected kids, siblings, parents), a great group of counselors and junior counselors (often previous campers), and supporters. The weekend camp includes various activities (boating, wall climbing, archery, horseback riding, arts and crafts) and several wonderful sessions for discussion regarding kids born with upper limb differences. I was able to join Hand Camp on Saturday and bring a few of our orthopedic residents and fellows to see the impact of this camp.

Residents and fellows at Hand Camp 2022

These weekends are incredibly impactful for kids and families (and us). There is so much power in

meeting others like yourself,

discussing your condition and the world around you,

learning strategies to interact with the world,

and so much more

I particularly enjoy and learn from the group sessions. The honest, open discussion is invaluable and the shared experience is uplifting. I always learn about the families and their individual circumstances and each family has so much to share/ teach. And, just interacting outside of the hospital is fantastic.

Adaptive archery

One really interesting exercise is each family member tracing their hands. Here are a few examples.

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